Think for a moment about the amount of information coming at you each day. The messenger has but seconds to get through to you. This fact demands that you work on crafting a clear, concise message about who you are and what you do for two vital reasons.

Reason #1 It’s for you and your team

If you and those who work with you cannot say or write in 100 words or less why your organization adds value to the world, you’ll miss many opportunities. You may also be wasting time. How do you know what to focus on, if you can’t clearly state why your organization exists?

View words like gold. Each word is expensive and it must carry impact.

It takes time through a process of drafting and redrafting to hit the sweet spot for communicating who, what, where, and when about your operation.

Be ready to share what you are about in a matter of seconds and you’ll impact many.

Reason #2 It’s for all those people you can help

If you’ve taken the time to write down and internalize your mission, the chances of your message breaking through the clutter are much better.

In a way, you are doing others a favor by quickly dispensing with the key questions. Once someone understands the big picture of what you are about, they can ask questions that allow you to expound on your products or services.

Don’t leave people confused or wondering the answer to basic questions like who you serve, where you operate, how you deliver, etc.

Start by brainstorming statements about why you do what you do. If you need help, we’re here at

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