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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement defines the present condition of the organization. A mission statement should answer three key questions:

  • what we do
  • who we do it for
  • how we do it

Those three (3) things are the essence of your organization. The highest quality mission statements get this right! For example:

Microsoft: “Empower people through great software anytime, anyplace, and on any device.”

Is a Mission Statement basically the same thing as a Vision Statement?

A Mission Statement is similar to a Vision Statement, but a Vision Statement is future focused. It’s the “north star” of your organization, describing what your organization will achieve over time. For example:

Norfolk Southern: “Be the safest, most customer-focused and successful transportation company in the world.”

How can you write about my business or organization?

We are professional writers. You provide us with pertinent information via email or a phone interview. We’ll craft something with fresh eyes for you to consider and make your own. We have a set of prompt questions for you as well.

How long will the Mission Statement be?

Short and to the point. You’ll see many examples of lengthy mission statements, even on our website. We offer those without judgment. Ideally, your mission statement should give a 35,000-foot view of your organization, uncluttered by details of products/services, specific people, locations, ideas, etc. If you sat down with ten random clients or a few of your team members and gave them 10 seconds to explain the essence of your organization, they should be able to recite your mission statement, nearly verbatim.

What if I don’t like the Mission Statement you write for me?

Then you get your money back, plain and simple.

How long will it take for my Mission Statement to be written?

24 business hours from the moment we get your answers back to key questions, we’ll send your drafted Mission Statement and/or Vision Statement to you. About Us and lengthier services can take a bit longer.

I want help but don’t want to pay a writer.

You are in luck. Download our Mission Statement Tool Kit for just $5 here.


Lavender Holdings, Alabama

“Please pass my thanks on to Carla for her work and thank you for your work. I could not be more proud of my Mission and About Us.”

– Ryan J. Lavender, CEO

Mission Statement:
We provide leading-edge logistics and operations excellence around the globe in support of the most demanding strategic and tactical initiatives.

Precision Linguistics, Arizona

“I am VERY happy with my mission statement and the about us. They are great! Thank you for all your help and patience. I am truly happy with the results. You guys are very talented people. Very patient too!”

– Renata Yawn, Founder

Mission Statement:
Through expert bilingual interpretation and translation, Precision Linguistics enables clients to communicate accurately and fluently via the spoken or written word.

Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, Texas

“Finally getting back to you after getting feedback from about a half dozen board members. Below is a bulleted list of some of their comments. Do with it what you will! It’s really helpful to have someone objective and outside our board working on this. =)”

– Christina Ryan, Board Member

Mission Statement:
The Austin Civic Wind Ensemble is a gathering of adult musicians enjoying the challenge of playing a high-quality repertoire. The wide range of age and skill level supports our value of inclusion and fosters our mission of using music for lifelong learning, while promoting joy in our community through live performances.

Kimba Veterinary Referrals, United Kingdom

“”I really love my new mission and about us! I think you have masterfully succeeded in distilling the longer document I sent you into something that is shorter and well-suited for an About Us page but which still encapsulates all of the key elements…the whole process has been very reassuring. Thank you!”

– Shailen Jasani

Mission Statement:
To provide the very best specialist veterinary care by treating each animal and person in our community with the utmost compassion, professionalism and dignity. We maintain a high standard of quality in our facilities, staff training, ethics and business practices to ensure the honour of our patients and colleagues alike.

Indiana School for the Deaf, Indiana

“I have a clear vision for the school’s success. You helped me effectively convey that vision to the people that matter most: the students, parents, and staff who live that vision every day. Thanks so much for your support!”

– Dr. David Geeslin, Superintendent

Mission Statement:

The Indiana School for the Deaf is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities for students that foster academic and social excellence where languages and diversity are valued.

Embracing Women with Cancer, California

“I love what you came up with! Fantastic job in putting my vision/cause into words. Thank you again!”

– Norma Christie, Founder

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to mentor, nurture, uplift, support, and embrace women affected by cancer.


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