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Missionstatments.com was founded in 2005 by Mike and Yolanda Lenyon, creators of Wisedecor, to curate the amazing mission and vision statements their clients commissioned them to convert into wall decor and displays.

Before long, people were coming to missionstatements.com looking for help writing mission and vision statements and signing up for Leadership Quote of the Day by email.

In 2019, Carla Harper, primary professional writer for missionstatements.com, purchased the business to carry on the rewarding opportunities to help people from all over the world and all walks of life put their mission and vision into words and images that inspire and communicate.

Carla’s personal mission statement is to be a woman of integrity who inspires faith and confidence in people through writing and speaking.

Carla G. Harper, Writer

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-Professional writing of mission, vision, about us, and other content to communicate who you are and what you do


-Design of logos, brochures, websites, and any other imagery to brand your efforts


-Leadership Quote of the Day via email and social media


-Curation of thousands of existing mission and vision statements from industry, non-profit, schools, religious organizations, individuals, and more from around the world


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