The problem most of us have with writing impactful mission statements, vision statements, About Us, or other organizational descriptors is that we are too close to the topic. We end up talking about ourselves and using too much lingo.

People’s natural inclination is to only pay attention to three types of information: valuable, entertaining, or threatening.

Valuable means it quickly taps into a need or interest. If you are a health insurance broker and I’m the person scrambling to find an affordable policy, your headline that addresses that need is valuable.

Entertaining is somewhat self-explanatory but tricky today. Know the norms of your audience. What will they think is entertaining versus distasteful or boring. Many companies successfully build brand awareness with cute videos.

Threatening does not mean you threaten your potential customer. If you address a problem, you must state the threat and your solution to get attention. For example, a hunger relief organization must speak to the number of hungry people. A pest control firm must show the damage termites can do to a structure.

Brainstorm around the problems you address and ways you serve the world. Then write some practice sentences that cover the who, what, why, how you solve problems or prevent them.

We’re here to help you polish it all up for the world to see. Enjoy the process as you go along.