No one knows your business or organization better than you, which is why you need help writing anchor descriptions such as mission and vision statements, a tagline, and about us. You are likely too close to the information and ideas.

The greatest value a writer can bring to you is an ability to sculpt or whittle your words into a few concise, impactful sentences. Before the sculpting can occur, you must have something to work with. Like the sculptor has marble, you have words and images.

Creating that base can be done through an interview or discovery process with a writer, alone, or with your core team. The idea is to get the words out and captured in a document.

Sometimes the questions that come up through an interview or in a brainstorming session prompt ideas, words, or even imagery that had not occurred to you before.

Expect the following in your process to get from base of many words to winning mission and vision statements:

  1. A few hours to brainstorm, react to, and edit your content
  2. At least three rounds of editing
  3. Clarity around what you do as the words come together in a cogent, repeatable fashion

Content matters. If you are not clear on your mission and vision, how can you expect to attract others to join your enthusiasm?

We’re here to help. Reach out to us here.