“Trust is a series of promises kept,” according to Aristotle.

If you think about it, that goes for trusting yourself as well as trusting others. Your mission and vision statement might be easy to write but it’s hard to keep. You must determine what the promise is you plan to keep with yourself, your customers, employees, clients, etc. This trust-ask is at the heart of a mission. Make sure you have thought carefully about what you want to ask someone to trust you to deliver. Your chances of success at any endeavor greatly increase when you commit to it after contemplation and assessment of the cost.

Some people have an easier time than others trusting. Placing trust in someone takes a great deal of courage no matter what. It’s wise to offer a certain amount of basic trust to most of the people you encounter. But allow real trust to build up over time as actions align with their words. Start with ensuring your promises are kept. Let that encourage those you lead or just hang out with see trust worthiness modeled.

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