Only 10% of people write down a personal mission. However, 90% of those that have a written personal mission statement live out their mission.

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Many people ask, “why have a personal mission statement?” It’s like asking why claim a major in college or why take an oath of office or vows in marriage. Stating your intentions and then writing them down exponentially increases the probability of following through.

Think of a personal mission statement as you would a tagline for a brand. It’s short, sweet and quickly enables someone to understand what drives your actions and thoughts.

Many books and courses suggest you take weeks and engage in a long process to develop a personal mission statement. That’s not a bad idea. But it’s the idea that kills the likelihood of crafting a mission statement for most people because the time commitment seems too intense. At, our process involves an interview with a professional writer. Out of that interview, you’ll get three sample mission statements. You can massage and enhance until it feels right. You won’t have to begin with a blank page or multiple workbook pages.

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Here’s the guru of personal mission statements, Stephen Covey, explaining why it’s important to craft a personal mission statement.