Once I was driving on a country road and got behind a truck with big lettering on the back. It said, “Created to Serve.”

That stuck with me. Yes, we are created to serve. Bob Dylan sang, “You gonna have to serve somebody.”

It’s not a bad thing to serve. We all like to be served. Striving to be valuable is the beginning of living out how you were created to serve. Start with an attitude of being willing to do whatever is needed. Don’t be “too good” to do anything. Everyone started someplace. No matter how menial the job, you’ll learn something. You could make a friend or lighten someone’s load.

I learned early in life from my dad that you shouldn’t come to someone in charge with a problem unless you’re also offering a solution. Your solution may not be the best one, but at least you’ve put some thought to the problem. It’s good brain exercise, and get’s you engaged in high-level thinking.

Being valuable to people and situations also includes imagination. If there’s a decision to make and it’s on you, imagine explaining that decision to someone who the outcome will impact. Does your thought process and reasoning make sense? Anticipate their questions and have an answer.

If your decision turns out not to be good one, just own it. Say, “I tried. Sorry.”

Showing up when you say you’ll be there makes you extraordinarily valuable today. Show up with a good attitude and sense of humor. You’ll always be in demand.