“I have a clear vision for the school’s success. You helped me effectively convey that vision to the people
that matter most: the students, parents, and staff who live that vision every day.

Thanks so much for your support!”

Dr. David Geeslin

Superintendent of Indiana School for the Deaf

I love these!!  I would be happy with any of them!

Option C is my favorite but I also really like the part highlighted in blue. And then just switch out since he could walk with at a very young age.

I definitely think the extra sentence is important to include

I am so happy that I reached out! Thank you.


Thank you so much for creating such meaningful vision and mission statements.  I love the messages and thank you for providing alternatives in the message as well as the design: vision only, mission only and combo.


Thank you for making this a wonderful and productive experience.  From the immediate email that I received from you right after ordering the services online, to the productive and caring telephone call, to your flexibility with the time for the telephone call, to the follow up, and all concludes in a product that I am very happy with.  Thank you!  Gracias!


“I really love my new mission and about us! I think you have masterfully succeeded in distilling the longer
document I sent you into something that is shorter and well-suited for an About Us page
but which
still encapsulates all of the key elements…the whole process has been very reassuring. thank you!”

Shailen Jasani

Veterinary Surgeon

“Finally getting back to you after getting feedback from about a half dozen board members. Below is a
bulleted list of some of their comments. Do with it what you will! It’s really helpful to have someone objective and outside our board working on this.

“I am VERY happy with my mission statement and the about us. They are great! Thank you for all your
help and patience. I am truly happy with the results.
You guys are very talented people. Very patient too!”

Renata Yawn

Precision Linguistics

Please pass my thanks on to Carla for her work and thank you for your work. I could not be more proud of
my Mission and About Us.

Ryan J. Lavender,

Chief Executive Officer, Lavender Holdings

“I love what you came up with! Fantastic job in putting my vision/cause into words. Thank you again!”

Norma Christie

Embracing Women with Cancer

I must say you are good, no great at what you do thank you. Draft is acceptable to me. Thank you so much. Let’s start with the logo 

Nosa E.

CEO, African Pet Couture by April