What does it mean to have a mission statement?

The fact that you are thinking about crafting a mission and/or vision statement indicates that you are miles ahead of most individuals in terms of maximizing your life’s potential. To have a mission statement means that you have aimed at something outside yourself. Like in tennis or shotgun sports, where you aim is where the ball or shot will go.

The process for devising a mission statement is the same whether you seek a personal or business mission statement because all business is made up of people serving others. You are serving customers, co-workers, or a boss in some form or fashion.

Most people don’t think about their career, personal, or business mission. People often seemingly “fall into” a job after high school, technical school, or a four-year degree program. Even those who go into specific fields such as engineering, cosmetology, mechanics, or medicine don’t think in terms of mission.

People think that a piece of paper (certificate) is their ticket to finding a place to spend the time that leads to a paycheck.

Work is where many people spend around 13 years of their life, according to the Huffington Post. Spending those years “on a mission” could make that time meaningful and exciting versus dreaded drudgery.

How to be on a mission to live in your sweet spot.

The first step is to obey the strengths you were born with. Yes, obedience is critical. Many people recoil at the word obedience. But, if you don’t learn to obey, you’ll never find your sweet spot.

The famous YMCA World War I era chaplain, Oswald Chambers wrote something to the effect of this. You’ll enter a higher plan of life when you obey what you know in your heart is your ‘calling.’

Everyone has a “calling.” A “calling” is simply the tasks and skills you are naturally good at. You’ll know what those are because you enjoy doing them or lose a sense of time when engaged in those activities. It does not mean the tasks or skills will be easy, nor will you be born at a high-level of proficiency.

Get started identifying your “calling” with three simple questions.

Sit down with a pen and paper or digital device and quickly write short answers to these questions. Don’t overthink about it. Just let your imagination roam to the first thing that pops in your head. Be specific, not general.

  1. My first memory of accomplishing something that felt important was…
  2. When I’m __________ time flies by. It does not feel like work.
  3. People have on more than one occasion said that I’m good at _____.

Get started today. Need help? Missionstatements.com is here to help you put the right words together to express your mission and/or vision. Contact us here.