Restaurant Mission Statements


1501 W. Main Street Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Slogan / Motto

Taste how much we care.


Culver’s Restaurant was founded by the Culver family in 1984, which eventually branched out to more than 300 franchised restaurants all over the US. Culver’s is well-known for its ButterBurger, which made the restaurant extremely famous. They also have other items which include salads, sandwiches, desserts, etc.

Mission Statement

Every guest who chooses Culver’s leaves happy.

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991 West Knox Street Torrance, CA, USA 90502


Yoshinoya is at the same time a Japanese and a fast food restaurant. They offer authentic Japanese food to rice meals to kids meals that are served in a fast and friendly manner.

Mission Statement

Yoshinoya is in business to create the structure and systems needed to allow our customers access to the majority of their away-from-home daily meal requirements on a one-stop-shop basis. All our products shall be of the highest quality and value, be healthy, nutritious and provided with outstanding personal services at the lowest possible prices consistent with a fair return on investment for our shareholders, job enhancement/security for our employees and a level of community involvement by everyone connected with our business. All of our products and services shall be delivered consistently and measured one satisfied customer at a time, whether by company-owned or franchised operations, in superior, clean, convenient, fun and friendly neighborhood environments. We pledge to make Yoshinoya the best place to eat and the best place to work.

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203 East Main Street Spartanburg SC USA 29319-9966


Denny’s Restaurant offers a range of delicious American food to their customers. They regularly serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at a great price, and they also offer food especially catered to senior citizens and to the health conscious.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Denny’s is to establish beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers who share our commitment to customer service, quality and competitive pricing.

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609 N. Lincoln Rd. Escanaba, MI 49829


Arby’s Restaurant is best known for its delicious sandwiches and burgers. They also offer fresh salads, chicken, subs, desserts, and TJ Cinnamons, among others.

Mission Statement

To provide an exceptional dining experience that satisfies our guests’ grown-up tastes by being a “Cut-Above” in everything we do.

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Heart and Soul



The Heart and Soul restaurant in UK offers its customers good food and good music at the same time. This restaurant prides itself on its menu being fresh, organic, with the food being prepared in a simple manner in order to satisfy their customers’ heart and soul.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide happiness and joy through, food, music and art.

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