Consumer Services/Products Mission Statements

Browse this directory of mission statements for B2C household names and their smallest rivals.
Whether you are maintaining market share or starting up the next Walmart, you’ll want to peruse our
pages of service and product businesses.


Home Improvement

Similar to home improvement, a mission statement enhances your business’ two greatest assets, employees and customers.

Hair/Beauty Salon

Bring beauty and the best practices into your hair salon business by writing a mission showcasing your special niche in hairstyling and care.

Coffee House

Coffee and productivity rushes go together. Prime the pump of your coffee shop team with a good mission statement.


Your spa brings well-being to your clientele, now write a mission statement to bring the fullest health to your spa.


Kids need direction to grow up well. Your workers need direction to grow your business well.


You build the stuff that’s used for building everything else. Build your crew and
you’ve got it made.

Marketing / Public Relations

Your reputation is your boldest advertising move. And with a mission statement, everyone
can make it a positive one.


Provide health and wealth for all your stakeholders by sampling missions from top
medical biotech and pharma firms.

Clothing and Apparel Retailers

Clothing retailers make fashion their business.


Professional photographers capture life’s precious moments through their lenses.

Event Planner

You bring events together to make your client’s dreams come true.


Making weddings memorable and stress-free is your business.

Clothing and Accessory Makers

What one wears as clothing and accessories, speaks volumes about the person, just like a mission statement for a business.

Fitness Club and Gym

Help your clients keep trim and fit the fun way! Provide your fitness firms’ stakeholders and your clients with a healthy mission.

Security Services

Mission possible! Your security services company means 24/7 peace of mind for your clients.