Steve Wyrostek, MBA, BA

Specializes in Business Mission Statements
Steve Wyrostek specializes in creating powerful mission statements for small to medium sized businesses. Steve spent many years in management positions with Fortune and Global Fortune 500 corporations, and brings a wealth of professional knowledge to his writing. With a diverse range of professional experience, Steve brings an invaluable hands-on writing style to each mission statement he writes.

Prior to becoming a professional business writer, Steve created or helped create departmental mission, vision, and strategic statements around operations and client services. This included HR, marketing, IT, field operations, and shared services. Since becoming a professional business writer, Steve has written or contributed to mission statements for non-profit organizations and small to medium businesses. His unique writing skills and valuable business experience at the corporate and small business levels make him a valuable mission statement idea generator and writer for any type of organization.
Ken Goldstein

Specializes in Non-Profit and Governmental Mission Statements
Ken Goldstein brings over 20 years of non-profit leadership experience to each mission statement that he writes. Ken’s background working in non-profit and local government agencies, in both leadership positions and in facilitating strategic planning process, makes him an expert in Mission Statement review and revision. Ken brings his experiences teaching non-profit management workshops an leading board trainings to each of his clients.

Ken has served half-a-dozen organizations as an Interim Executive Director, managing non-profits through transitions, mergers, and turn-arounds. Ken has also facilitated strategic planning processes, which typically include Mission Statement review and revision. He has taught fund raising and non-profit management workshops, led board trainings, raised over $4 million in private foundation grants, and performed other contract consulting work. He has published a book on Fund Development Planning, and writes the popular Non-profit Consultant Blog. Clients have included Grail Family Services, Life Lab Science Program, Glenview Alliance, AMORC, and Mountain Community Resources.
Judy Tatum

Specializes in Non-Profit, Small business, and Educational Mission Statements
Judy Tatum is an independent non-profit consultant who has worked with non-profits and small businesses to create effective mission statements. She has also worked as a grant writer and development coordinator, and believes a mission statement is an important way to distill your goals and visions into an articulate message. Ms. Tatum’s diversity of experience allows her to engage with each client in a creative and professional manner.

A long-time writer and researcher who also teaches grant writing workshops, Judy’s client list includes many non-profits as well as small businesses and educational organizations. As a development consultant and grant writer, she has worked in both the private and non-profit sectors and has written many successful grants at both the national and state levels. She has formal grantsmanship and non-profit training.

In addition to grant writing workshops, Ms. Tatum also conducts classes for artists, Creating Your Personal Mission Statement. She has worked with organizations including: Nine Muses Art, Deus Expression Theatre, Opera A La Cart, American Museum of Beat Art, Paradigm Productions, and Yoga2Go. In addition to the many arts related organizations listed, she has also written statements for social service groups, churches, animal welfare, and technology industries.

Previous to her work in development and non-profit consulting, Judy developed new products and technologies for Hi-Q Products, Inc. Her passion is working with non-profits and believes "Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living." - Albert Einstein
Jennifer Kirila

Specializes in Start-ups and Retail Business
Jennifer Kirila is a skilled writer who brings more than a decade of business experience to each mission statement she writes. With a solid grasp of business strategy, statistics, and finance, Jennifer brings a cutting-edge creativity to start-up companies and non-profits as well as established businesses. Her extensive knowledge of business policy and organizational behavior allows Jennifer to bring a fresh and unique perspective to each of her clients, especially start-ups and retail businesses.

Jennifer is adept at understanding business strategy and organizational behavior and has an extensive background in writing for business, which has deepened this understanding. Jennifer also has in-depth knowledge of statistics and finance. She has written mission statements for a variety of companies, including individuals and departments within the University of Cincinnati and Luxottica Retail, and non-profits including Nollibox, Inc. and Food for Thought Community Garden. Jennifer holds a degree in psychology from the University of Cincinnati, from which she graduated Summa Cum Laude, and possesses CITI certification for research.
Paula Newton

Specializes in Start-up and Multinational Organizations
Paula Newton is a business writer with extensive experience writing for multinational companies. Her experience with BskyB and other international corporations lend a wealth of knowledge to each mission statement she writes. With an MBA from the University of Hull, and many years as a writer and management consultant, Paula’s background allows her to connect with a diverse range of clients, particularly multinational organizations and start-ups looking for cutting-edge mission statements.

Paula has played a defining role in shaping organizational strategy, including vision, mission and KPIs. She served as Editor-in-Chief for up and coming travel guidebook company Viva Travel Guides for more than five years, and in Operations Management at BSkyB in the UK for six years. Paula has also served on the Board of Directors for the South American Explorers Club in Quito, Ecuador. She has an MBA with distinction from the University of Hull. Organizations and teams for which she has developed mission statements include Viva Travel Guides, BSkyB Pre-Live Operations Department and Jason Yi’s Tae Kwon Do College, among many others.
Julie Angulo

Specializes in University and Mulitnational Organizations
Julie Angulo is a professional proposal and grant writer with years of knowledge creating mission statements in both the non-profit and for profit sectors. Julie is trilingual and triliterate, speaking and reading English, Spanish, and French and brings her strong international background and exceptional communication style to each mission statement she writes. Her diverse skill set and background enables Julie to create dynamic and compelling writing to clients of all types and sizes.

With a broad range of international clients, Julie has a solid understanding of business operations which spans the fields of healthcare, finance, education, and IT. Following her graduate work in business management, Julie initiated her career in project management and consulting. She then lived in Europe for 7 years, working as an editorial coordinator and grants administrator. Upon her return to the U.S., she pursued a teaching career which led her back to grants management at a private university. An effective communicator, Julie excels as a team player and collaborator. In addition, she is inquisitive by nature and always aims to better understand each organization’s work culture. Her combined skills set provides an added value to any project she undertakes.
Wendy Kurtz, APR, CPRC

Specializes in Small business, Public Relations, Marketing and Media Organizations
Wendy Kurtz is an accredited public relations professional and certified public relations counselor who brings a passion for promoting individuals, businesses, and organizations to each mission statement she writes. As an active leader in her industry, Wendy brings a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge of local commerce and business to her clients. Wendy’s multimedia experience and commitment to helping executives, authors, and professional speakers build businesses makes her uniquely qualified to market her clients with passion and professionalism.

Named by the Orlando Business Journal as one of Central Florida’s most influential people, Wendy has spent her career effectively promoting individuals, businesses and organizations in a variety of markets.

An active leader in her industry and community, Wendy has been involved in the creation or revision of numerous mission statements, including the Apopka Chamber of Commerce where she is Chairman, and as a board member for Orlando, Inc. (formerly the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce), where she helped develop the messaging framework for its parent organization, the Central Florida Partnership and also served as Chairman of the Small Business Chamber; and Founding Co-chair of the Central Florida Small Business Summit.

Wendy is a past president of the Public Relations Society of America’s Sunshine District and the Florida Public Relations Association’s Capital chapter.

Wendy holds her Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in Business Administration. She is an accredited public relations professional and a certified public relations counselor.
James Dietz

Specializes in Team, Military, Federal, and Corporate Mission Statements
Jim Dietz is an experienced corporate executive and project manager who has written mission statements for countless projects. Jim spent many years working with the United States government and the U.S. Navy, and brings an incredible diversity and commitment to detail to each of his clients. Jim’s knowledge of major corporations and commitment to building sustainable business processes allows him to bring a unique insight into all of his work.

In his career, Jim has managed small teams for large corporations, and large teams for small companies. In every instance, he has been successful in both completing his projects on time and at or under cost. That success comes primarily from being a dedicated project manager. That includes writing mission, task and objective statements for every project and guiding his team down the path that creates. As with all projects, they take unexpected twists and turns but Jim builds his projects in a continuous process improvement environment so that the feedback is immediate allowing effective action to be taken whether it be modification of the mission statement or just a tweak on a critical process. He has done this kind of work across major corporations such as CACI Inc, a large commercial and Department of Defense contractor and MITRE Corporation, a non-profit federally funded research and development company. Jim honed his experience working on government projects where mission and objective statements are literally a way of life, and where mission is everything and all that happens derives from the assigned mission.
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