What is your family's purpose? A family mission statement provides the guidelines that each member needs to understand their place in the "organization" and how the family leaders define success.

McColloch Family Heritage & Genealogical Research Site McColloch Family Heritage & Genealogy 2000 MONTEGO AVE 171 ESCONDIDO, CA 92026

Slogan / Motto Gateway to Clan MacCulloch of Myreton

Description The family site contains information on the MacCulloch Clan, whose origins can be traced back to 14th Century Scotland. In-depth details about the genealogy, family heritage, the family coat of arms, tartan, etc. are included in the site.

Mission Statement The McColloch Family Heritage & Genealogical Research Site ... Our mission is to provide a platform to collect, communicate, and preserve Clan MacCulloch family history, heritage, and genealogical information.

Ray Martin Family Site Raymond Martin Sr 5611 N Birch Lane Weston, WI 54476

Description Ray Martin of Central Wisconsin runs the Ray Martin Family site. It contains information about his ancestry, which can be traced back to Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, and England. Different branches of the family and their descendants are available, including a description about the maternal side of the family.

Mission Statement Our mission is to help family and relatives to be informed about our heritage and ancestry. In the process it is our hope to locate long lost relatives, both within our great nation and those from our ancestor's homelands.

The Hood Family

Description A family site about the Hood family who lives in Spokane Valley in Washington DC, the site details everything about their genealogy, ancestry, descendants, and relatives, as well as their Matsko side of the family. Aside from this, a photo album, cookbook, discussion forum, the Hood family's favorite charities and advocate for foster care are also included.

Mission Statement Our mission is to provide information about Hood and Matsko family heritage and to continue adding to our Hood and Matsko family tree. If you have any information or links to information that would help us, please contact us at: We would truly appreciate it if you would share any information you might have. We also offer books on Hood family heritage and customs. We also offer Hood family cookbooks around various themes. If you would like to receive any further information, please contact us.

Easterly Family

Slogan / Motto Enjoy the Journey, not just the Destination

Description The Easterly family's family site details information about their family tree, with descriptions of their ancestors and relatives, inclusive of a family album, facts and figures about the family, a monthly newsletter, and a short genealogy course to help people understand the website.

Mission Statement Our purpose is to help you the researcher locate the resources needed to round out your research of this richly historic name

Cree Surname Research 80 Yanderra Avenue Bangor NSW 2234 Australia

Description The Cree Family's site gives information about the Cree family with regard to their genealogy and ancestry, giving details about the origin of the surname Cree as well as its spelling variants, locations where there are Cree families, as well as news and other articles about the family.

Mission Statement Our mission is to promote composting and compost utilisation in Ireland.

Hester Family Website

Description A consolidated effort by Hester descendents and researchers, the Hester family site presents their family genealogy and ancestry, with articles and several books either written about a Hester family member, or was written by a Hester descendant. Civil records of the family are also available as well as several photos and unresolved mysteries and questions

Mission Statement Our Mission is to consolidate and make available all the information on the Hester Family to all free of charge. It was my intention to print a book about the History and Genealogy of the Hester family. The project has grown so large that it is an online collaboration now.

Clan McIntrye Society 650 North Sprague Ave. Tacoma, WA 98403-1013

Slogan / Motto Motto: Per Ardua (Through Difficulties)

Description Of Scottish descent, the Clan MacIntyre Society, Inc., is a non-profit organization composed of MacIntyre and Wright descendants which is into preserving Scottish traditions. Its family site gives information such as its clan history, genealogy, outreach programs, and various name spellings and septs. It also links their family members together, initiating activities such as genealogical and educational seminars, Highland Games, and social gatherings that celebrate their Scottish heritage.

Mission Statement Clan MacIntyre Society, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt non-profit corporation, incorporated in the State of Washington. We are a cultural and genealogical group of MacIntyre and Wright descendants who celebrate our Scottish heritage through numerous genealogical and educational seminars, Highland Games, and social gatherings with the purpose of experiencing Scottish heritage and culture. Clan MacIntyre Society encourages the preservation of the Scottish Arts such as Highland Dancing, Piping and Drumming, as well as athletics and tartan education.

Karvoski / Karwoski Genealogy Society

Description Founded on May 5, 2005, the Karvoski/Karwoski Genelogy Society was formed to provide information about their family in terms of its family tree, genealogy, history and ancestry. Their site also supplies the different name variations of the family, statistics, articles and reports, photos, etc.

Mission Statement Our mission is to find information relating to the the Karwoski family history in hopes of using it to connect our family trees.

The Dodge Family Association Dodge Family Association 10105 W. 17th Place Lakewood, CO 80215

Description The Dodge family site presents details about the family related to their ancestry, with their history, biographies, coat of arms, research, photos of Dodges' headstones, and other preserved documents in particular. It also lists the Dodges who are based in Canada and other parts of the globe, with the site linking the Dodge clan together through their family reunions announced in the website.

Mission Statement To promote communication among members of the Dodge family, to strengthen our family ties, to put family history in perspective, and to provide genealogical information through membership in the Dodge Family Association.

Holcombe Family Genealogy 3600 Eaglerock Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340

Description The Holcombe Family Genealogy is a family site that explores the name Holcome, particularly the descendants of Thomas Holcombe. The site presents information and history about the family and its ancestry, with several biographies of certain family members that are categorized according to the Passengers on the Mary and John, Founders of Ancient Windsor, Mayflower Pilgrims, and Granby Civil War Casualties. Holcome descendants' information are also included, notably that of the current US president, George W Bush.

Mission Statement Our intent is to expand the work of Seaver, McCracken, Bowman and others into the 20th Century. The first step of this process is to post on the web their genealogies compiled into one web site. We then invite others to send their documented additions and corrections that will be posted as quickly as possible to promote additional feedback. We would like to use the web and its tools as much as possible. Lastly, it is only appropriate to "give something back" so some of the census records we have come across have been transcribed and enhanced and are now available on the web.